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The Program2


Shakespeare In A Chair is an innovative eight week (and year-round) reading literacy program for youth ages 8 years old to young adult. Each eight-week session focuses on extensive study and interpretation of one predetermined Shakespeare play. ere are two elements that make Shakespeare In A Chair original and unique:
• Interactive and group teaching methods
• Local barbershops and beauty salons serve as teaching venues

The goals of “Shakespeare In A Chair” are to:

• Develop appreciation of great literature
• Develop critical thinking and oratorical skills
• Provide a vehicle for creative and artistic expression
• Enhance reading comprehension skills
“Shakespeare In A Chair” uses teaching and learning techniques that help
participants learn at their own pace and comfort level. ere are visual and
digital prompts throughout the shop—and on mobile devices—that
encourage participation.

The “Shakespeare In A Chair” syllabus includes:

• Introduction to William Shakespeare
• Understanding Sentence Structure
• Review and Discussion of Play Characters
• Study of Dierent Play Settings and Locations
• Group Readings and Discussions
• Open Mic – Guest and Scholarly Readings and Discussions
• In-Shop Screenings of eatrical and Film Productions of Shakespeare plays
• Group Visits to Local Shakespeare Productions
• Educational Partnerships with local Shakespeare Production Companies
• Educational Partnerships with local Universities and Colleges
• Mobile devices utilized to interpret words and meanings